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calvino, your pics helped on my install (my thread: Installed my PIAA Angel Eyes!)

I just wanted to add 2 pics for future DIY'ers. The 1st is a pic of the encasing and the top clip. We didn't lift the car so we had to feel for it. We found the bottom one easily, visible in calvino's pics, but the top one was harder to find.

As for the 2nd pic, I ran into a prob where one of my rings looked less bright than the other side, and it was somewhat obvious when the headlights were off. Thanks to ///Matt's advice my bro and I were able to fix the problem Turns out that during the install we reached into the encasing and shifted one of the protrusions so when we installed the PIAA it wasn't getting all the light directly. We had to go back in and set the optical protrusion back in place, then everything was equally bright and light shone in properly.

1st pic = showing angel eyes cover, and top clip
2nd pic = after removing cover and stock bulb and lens, 2 protrusions for light source to shine into
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