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Originally Posted by whip_lash View Post
You must be a few of the lucky ones, i gotta go through hell and back just to get something fixed for my CPO 335i, i actually try and do as much as possible on my own cuz goin to the dealership is a huge hassle. I have 5 freinds that all drive BMW's and all hate BMW's service, they're awesome cars to drive but BMW's warranty and service is complete garbage.

BTW i bought my car from autohaus and stopped going theyre because theyre a bunch of retards and now go to bmw mississauga (not much different)
I don't know much about other BMW dealerships, other than I heard bad things about BMW Autohaus, and I realized after I bought my car that they had done some serious work on it which they did not reveal to me before purchasing the I decided to stay away.

As far as Downtown BMW:

1. I went in showing that i purchased the car with a tear in the drivers seat. They said it was under warranty, ordered a new seat cover, and got me a loaner for a day while they replaced it - no charge on anything, no hassle.

2. I went in asking a few questions about a light issue i was having, they took care of it, and told me my car was due for a full service (inspection, change fluids etc), and they did that hassle free, no charge.

3. I went in with a blown runflat tire, which I thought was going to be drama as I was at BMW Maranello not too long ago and i talked to them about the tire and rim warranty and they told me I would need to go back to BMW Autohaus as each dealer deals with their own warranty companies. Maranello said they would not even look at it unless they see the paperwork. Downtown BMW asked for no paperwork, no hassles...they got new rubber on my car within an hour or so.

So far so good

Oh an I enjoy drinking a latte in the lounge as I look at them work on my car through the large window panes.