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Originally Posted by jollerbarn View Post
Excellent choice Spin,

My only concern is that you're doing too soon. I'm not too worried about the engine not being ready for it, but 1000 miles isn't much to really feel the difference. Can't say I'm much better myself.. I did it after 2000 miles :-)

About wheelspin spinning in third does sound a bit over the top. Mine "only" clocked in at 720nm after the remap, but I'm only getting slight spin in 2nd. Also, I'd very much opt for the higher HP version tuneup. You're sitting pretty already at "just" 650+nm.
I hear what you are saying about too soon but I am taking the car to the Nurburg (my first trip) in 4 weeks time so I wanted to get the feel of the car with the extra ooomphh prior to the road trip, pretty sure I'll opt for the 355 & 700nm map. The performance as standard is pretty good I just fing the car can feel a bit heavy on initial pick up, this could be the engine still being on the tight side but hopefully the extra torque at lower revs will liven things up a little