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Originally Posted by Spin View Post
I hear what you are saying about too soon but I am taking the car to the Nurburg (my first trip) in 4 weeks time so I wanted to get the feel of the car with the extra ooomphh prior to the road trip, pretty sure I'll opt for the 355 & 700nm map. The performance as standard is pretty good I just fing the car can feel a bit heavy on initial pick up, this could be the engine still being on the tight side but hopefully the extra torque at lower revs will liven things up a little
Nurburg eh, great! Just don't wreck her down there.. there are plenty of ways to do it on that particular track :-)

You really think the car is slow on pickup? Are you i manual mode? In D it will start in second. Also, you have to get used to the way it pulls. Compared to the 335i the 335d's pull feels more linear. It's relentless rather than explosive.
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