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Originally Posted by Spin View Post
Cheers for that hadn't realised it pulled off in second when in D that now makes sense as when in 'M' and flooring from a standstill it does feel every bit as fast as the claimed 0-60 (0-100km).

I have been tending to use either paddles or lever when driving with enthusiam and using D around town.

I don't plan to do any silly stuff on the ring its more a road trip with the track at the end as a bonus, 5 differing cars are going and all agreed on no timing etc.

Thanks Spin
There's actually an even quicker method to leave the lights. Do the following:

Deactivate DSC/DTC by holding down the button for 5 secs. Select manual mode and first gear. Left foot on the brake and right foot on the gas until you hit ~1500RPMs where the torque is at highest level. The car will nudge forward a bit, but don't worry about it. In one motion remove your left foot from the brake and floor the gas with your right. Hold on to your steering wheel and be prepared to control the rear a bit.. she might 180 on you :-) Some claim this method can be hard on the tranny, but I've never had any problems with it. Also, my good friend who's worked on BMWs for more than 15 years tells me that it's no problem.

Have fun!
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