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Originally Posted by MiddleAgedAl View Post
I know, you are right. It is sad though. I came here hoping to learn something new, perhaps evolve and refine my position on things. If folks agree, fine, but that's not why I post, I'm not that emotionally needy that the affirmation of random anonymous strangers is something I covet. If you disagree with me in a civilized manner, that even better than agreeing! I'm happy to be proven wrong, if you have facts. That means I've learned something.

When juvenile name-calling and misdirection becomes the default substitute for a proper rebuttal, it's all really quite disappointing. Hardly advances the discussion; hell, if I wanted that, I could go talk to the 14 year old kid next door. I naively assumed that being on a BMW forum might increase my chance of interacting with folks with above average education, income and intelligence, given how expensive the cars are. *sigh* perhaps my expectations were simply too high.
What a phoney you are. The only time you bother posting here is when your guys are getting beaten up, and you get in the middle of someone else's discussion.

And talk about Pavlovian, count how many threads I've started. Zero. And 95% of the threads are Obama bashing. Try sticking to the topic, and leaving your observations to yourself