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Originally Posted by VP Electricity View Post
The OEM amp does not have a traditional turn on. If it were at the amp, we wouldn't be pulling the head unit, now, would we?

Use this wire on its way up the C pillar:

RPM-related noise is not an odd or rare issue (except with our systems

The first think I think is that the gains on the 900/5 are too high. The second thing I wonder about is if you have the engine noise problem with the amp OFF (as in pull the fuse). Depending on where they put the Focal crossovers, the parallel inductors in the tweeter-high-pass section of the passive crossover module can pick up EMI out of the air and give you engine noise with the system off and the amps not powering the speakers. This is easy to test, and you REALLY don't want to spend a lot of time t-shooting that kind of noise at the amp/processor level, only to find out that it's at the passive-crossover/speaker level.

But you paid for a pro install, the pro's should be troubleshooting it, yes? Why aren't they taking care of the engine noise for you?
VP it is so obvious that you are a car audio installer, LOVE IT!!!
LOl I need some help here. I am a master certified car audio installer and have beeen for over 22 years . Now I could tear this car apart and find what i needed but i am hoping you can save me some time here. Heres my question I have 2011 328 I coming in on Saturday . All they want is to add 2 subs and an amp. Its a friend of mines actually. They have the factory nav system with idrive. I am not sure what system is in the car other than that. I assume it has an amp and seems I remember seeing tweeters in the door the few times i sat in the car. Or atleast a place it seems a tweeter would have been. Are the rear speakers crossed over at all or are they full range? Is the factory amp in the trunk on the drivers side like they have been for years? I assume the factory amp uses FI for signal and turn on ? IS there a turn on wire anywhere else in the car i could use. I have not done a BMW in a while as there arent many in my neck of the woods. LOTS AND LOTS OF TRUCKS!!! Thanks for any help you can give. Email may be easier also