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Originally Posted by Merv View Post
Had my D serviced last week Friday and the software update was done. I also had my fuel filter and air filter replaced. The car feels more responsive over all but the shit points feel noticeably smoother and more refined. So I'm not sure what the update really focuses on. Only thing I've noticed is the smoother shift points.

Mines a 4/11 build and never had the EGR recall done.
I have a 7/2011 build. I last had my car serviced last summer (routine oil change). They did not do any recall work or reprogramming.

Should I give my dealer a call and inquire if I am in need of this campaign?
I haven't had any SES lights. However, I live in a small town with few opportunities to open her up.

I have to say this EGR/ carbon build-up issue has me worried about the long term of this car. I love the car and would love to keep it a god long while.