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oil level low at 7500 miles?

My car is a 2011 E90 328i 6 MT Sport. I bought the car new about 10 months ago. The oil warning light came on today with ~ 7500 miles on the car. Is it normal for the NA I6 engine to burn oil so quickly?

As per the manual, i should refill with 1 quart of OEM 5w 30 oil. I've got some Redline synthetic 5W 30 that i use on my chipped (turbo) Audi B5 A4. Is it ok to use this oil or should i stick with OEM?

I've always changed the oil religiously every 5K miles on my Audi. It's a little disconcerting that the electronic oil nanny on the bimmer tells me that the first oil change is only due @ 15K miles. I could change the oil myself but i figured i'd stick with what the car tells me and allow the stealership to change the oil since the car is under warranty.

Lastly, where can i purchase OEM oil online for a good price?

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