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Originally Posted by M3 Esq. View Post
+1. Do an interim oil change at 7500. The factory oil change interval is bogus and designed no doubt to save BMW money on the maintenance. If you own I would do in between oil changes. If you are leasing and are just going to turn in the car at the end of the lease it doesn't much matter.

To answer your original question, yes the oil consumption is normal. You could just top off with synthetic.
Oh well...

I'm so tired of this stupid argument. If BMW's oil longevity tests showed the best mileage to change the oil was at 7,500 instead of the 15,000 mile (estimate) that the CBS indicates, then BMW would just charge a few hundred dollars more and provide 4 oil changes during the "free" maintenance/warranty period instead of the two or three they do now. You are not getting free maintenance, you are just pre-paying for it; if the car required more maintenance then they'd charge you more for it in the purchase price. All the free maintenance is is a way for BMW to get your money up front and make interest on it in the bank, and then charge it out back to you years later as "free" maintenance for less value than what the money was when you gave it to them. They should give out blowjobs as a thank you to all their customers for financing the company.

I own my car, I just passed 200,000 miles. I've changed the engine oil per the CBS schedule, which has averaged 17,500 miles between oil changes. I've changed the other fluids at or near the 100,000 mile recommendations. I'm still on the original engine, original diff, original trans, and original cooling system components (except for the T-stat and water pump).

You are spewing a bunch of myth.