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Most of this bail out consists of politicians buying votes. It reminds me of a scene in a movie where the rich guy dumps $100 bills from the roof of a downtown building. In what world does a family making $150k in small town USA , who still has his/her job, need free cash compared to $75k in NYC that lost a job. We already have a semi-valid unemployment insurance system that has been used during times of a national crisis ( 2008 crash) to help those that lost their jobs. Paying those that have not only kept their jobs but may have increased earnings only lessens available funds for those who need help. Why are we also giving large sums to HOSPITALS. Last time I looked HCA and others are not only flush but are billing the crap out of us for this health crisis...they run a business with incredible demand increase. Plus random payments to Howard U, NYC performing arts , etc. After all of this spending, get ready for next years national sales tax to pay for this.

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