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Alright here's where im at. I have a macbook air running bootcamp with windows 7 ultimate 64bit. I am able to get INPALOAD to see the car is on but the airbag test will not work. Regardless, ive read multiple people dont get the airbag test to work and were able to code without issue. SO i went ahead to the next step of trying to open NCSexpert and it will not open. It states it will not run on my version of windows. I tried running it in compatibility mode with just about every version of windows listed. I was like well crap maybe it has to be XP. SO i went ahead and installed XP virtual machine on my bootcamped windows 7. XP sees the cable and i can attach it, but i can not get the XP virtual machine to see the ignition or battery in INPALOAD. Whats funny is my NCSexpert will actually OPEN on the XP virtual machine, but again it will not see the car. I think im just too many virtual machines deep for it to see the hardware? ID like to get this to work with the bootcamped windows 7 install, but NCSexpert says its incompatible with my version of windows. Does the win7 install have to be 32bit? Any suggestions? Is there a special version for doing this on windows7? I downloaded the 90~mb files listed on the very first page here. Ive read about ~20 pages of the 220 page guide here but i dont have a month to read all of it and try to figure out why i cant get this damn NCSexpert to open at all on my windows 7 install?? Any ideas?