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Originally Posted by ArmyBimmerDude View Post
Do you feel the need to justify your purchase? If so then why start a thread about your cars weight? All you've done is create more doubt that it weighs 200lbs less and made yourself look clueless.

I dont give a damn if it does weigh 500lbs less, but you've shown nothing other than a page on a website that BMW had to edit as your proof. Do you see how ridiculous this topic has become?

Get the car, weigh it, then come back here bragging about how much less it weighs. I bet we'll never hear from you again.

By the way, brochure's spelled with a C.
Dude forums are to spread information. There's been debates about the 135i's weight, change in information was found concerning this topic and in the interest of the people sill wondering what is going on (like myself), the new possible information was posted. Believe it or not alot of people want to know these kinds of things when they make decesion in buying a car. No one is attacking you, you're just turning this into a hostile thread.