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Originally Posted by Caweran View Post
Not sure which one, sorry... I get them in home depot... they are cheap enough to buy multiple sizes and try them out... The critical thing is to fit the butterfly in the collapse position into the hexagonal plastic grille. The bolt length is not critical at all.

Put washer on the other end and that is it... clean, cheap, no special tools and sturdy enough for highway speed with no problem.

I've had my plate adapter sitting on my desk for months but after getting another no plate tix, finally decided to slap it on. Doing the same as you with the toggle bolts. The trick though with this plate adapter is to figure out what's the ideal position. Setting the bracket at an angle like so gets most height is nice but I'm worried about if someone backs into me. The bracket would no doubt make a nice mark on my bumper. If you set the bracket perfectly horizontal, you then have a gap between the bumper and plate and it sits a bit low. It's definitely trial & error.

One other thing I may do however is spray paint the plate adapter black seeing how people complain that it eventually rusts.

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