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E90 330i vs E46 330i throttle feel

Now with my E90 330i apparently needing two new DISA Flaps and a new Thermostat, I am hoping that this will solve the "pinking" sound that I have been struggling to get rid of for a while now, but also hoping that the throttle feel will improve in as far as less or no jerkiness between on / off throttle inputs.

Reason for this post - I helped a friend with some DIY on his E46 330i 6MT M Sport yesterday and took the car for a spin afterwards, throttle feel is also a bit dead like the E90, but absolutely no jerkiness to the throttle when going between on and off throttle, especially at lower speeds and lower throttle positions which is where my E90 330i is particularly jerky at times. Is my car simply misbehaving due to the problem with the DISA Flaps and the faulty Thermostat which is making the engine run under temperature and most likely over-fueling, or is this how these cars are in reality?

So ultimately I need to hear from those who have come from owning an E46 330i manual to owning an E90 330i manual...
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