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Originally Posted by RupertPupkin View Post
Dude...6MT 330i here. I have the same jerkiness in my throttle. Pisses me off. I feel like every time I press the throttle I don't know what to expect. Hate the drive by wire. Totally miss the predictability of a cable directly to the throttle body.
Well, really losing interest in this car at the moment - the throttle feel issue as annoying as is I can live with it provided everything else is fine, but battling to get a rattle and power dip issue sorted out with the agents. They are just plain useless! A third party tuner with their diagnostics found that there's a problem with the two DISA Flaps, the thermostat (over-cooling), and the valvetronic motor - agents insist on running their own diagnostics and surprise surprise no errors come up. So much for sheer driving pleasure! Bought this car thinking that it would be a practical and low risk (mechanical issues) car! Guess I was wrong!
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