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Originally Posted by Orb View Post
If fairly obvious you have something to defend and your point of view is an attack based on ego. The comments I made are based on 20+ years as a professional mechanical engineer. I am not going to debate what I said as this would be like a two year old saying the sky is red and I saying it is blue. In short, your basic understating of material sciences is no existent and would go as far as saying internet folklore from what you’re saying. For reference, you can look up “vacuum seal design” and use the Parker site as reference as it has all the information and charts one would need. As for the other comment, I am not sure what to say other than you’re not smart enough to understand a basic mechanical system. If you actually had a specific question I certainly would have answered it but you don’t.

The information you provided is useful and appreciated but it has been expanded on as well. People can have the free will to choose what they what to proceed with. There is information that will work everyone. You need to grow up and learn that other points of view are okay and as whole as they will help people with this problem. The point of the thread is to help others or do you have your head to far up your ass to see this.

Feel free to write more comments as it is your choice but not going to respond. I understand why I no longer post here anymore LOL.
Jeez, I feel like I'm being trolled here. Anyway, I'm sorry if you felt offended by my reply. I really don't find satisfaction in attacking people. I simply correct blatant inaccuracies, especially those that involve something that I've taken time to research. It's not too often you see on this forum, people doing what you just did. Hi-jacking a DIY with misinformation is not providing a point of view nor is it contributing in a helpful way. I couldn't let your comments go unchecked. You must know what it's like, being an engineer and all. If we see a wrong, we correct it. Yes, I'm a mechanical engineer as well... brother. 25+ years by the way but whose counting right?
I hope that you will to read this so that you might learn something about tact and the nuances of positive feedback. And there's no need for name calling here. Again I apologize if I've hurt your feelings.