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Originally Posted by Built My Way View Post
Jeez, I feel like I'm being trolled here. Anyway, I'm sorry if you felt offended by my reply. I really don't find satisfaction in attacking people. I simply correct blatant inaccuracies, especially those that involve something that I've taken time to research. It's not too often you see on this forum, people doing what you just did. Hi-jacking a DIY with misinformation is not providing a point of view nor is it contributing in a helpful way. I couldn't let your comments go unchecked. You must know what it's like, being an engineer and all. If we see a wrong, we correct it. Yes, I'm a mechanical engineer as well... brother. 25+ years by the way but whose counting right?
I hope that you will to read this so that you might learn something about tact and the nuances of positive feedback. And there's no need for name calling here. Again I apologize if I've hurt your feelings.
What you said is actually a reflection of your behavior which is very transparent. Your projected BS is noted but you can have it back. Like I said, your basic mechanical understanding is nonexistent. Pushing the seal with a screw driver to create a leak and thinking it means something is the obvious clue. …what the hell are you thinking? If you are actually an engineer you would have measured the parts in question. The fact is, you did little real research, made a bunch of assumptions, and validated none of them.

You are stating that BMW has a design issue with the seal and you’re not presenting any evidence. The seal was checked and there is no issue with the design as one would expect. You suggest some proof so please provide the details and explanation since you initiated the findings. You created a problem and know defending it to the point of lying.

Considering that you can replace the seal with long forceps and a screw driver makes you DYI is pointless although the fix is still valid.