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Originally Posted by wstxoutlaw View Post
Damn that's a lot of ponies, gotta see that! I met a pretty cool dude out here on the East side that's down for the meet also. Had a jb 335 fresh out the box, still rocking the paper plates and all. What day works out for most of us, let's get this next meet going!!!!
Sounds good, bad thing is I will be out of town the next two weeks!

Originally Posted by robnval View Post
hrmm, eitherway there will be no wheels on my bitch... this tire madness is frustrating... no one has shit in stock... short of next dayn a set from cali and fuck paying 270 for shipping! But atleast I will have like 2500 in wheels collecting dust in my house for another week or so
I know the feeling, I have had trouble finding tires in El Paso a few times.
On a side note, do you guys know if the E46 M3 offset is the same as E90 series? I am thinking of selling my set of HRE 545's and might post here for sale. I know they work on the E90 M's but if someone could chime in I would appreciate it.