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i think its hilarious how people are trying to justify the cost by saying it does 60mpg. last time i checked people who could afford a 200k+ super car could give two shits about gas milage, like its going to make a difference in the world anyway. just because it looks cool and has some carbon fiber does not make it a super car, imo at least.
I also think it's hilarious to see some guys talking trash over stuff they don't that much about.
For starters, BMW have said they intend to make several models of this car, yes on with Efficient dynamics in mind, but also a true supercar, likely a turbocharged monster in M version, a new M1.
Who gets the 200k tag, i don't know, but talking about specs and numbers at this early stage, it's to early imo.
Let's conclude when it's here!
One thing is for certain, to look at it next to an R8, is like comparing apples and oranges imo.