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Originally Posted by m1bjr View Post
Whats the noise you are hearing?

Is it a heavy rattle that you can detect through the chassis?
Can you not hear it outside?
Only at low speed and not particularly regular?

If so I'll bet it is the strut top bearing and not the damper itself.

Open bonnet with car sat normally, put a finger down into the strut top and get another to lift up/push down on the inner arch - trying to lift the car.
If you detect ANY movement or feel the little clunk, its probably the top bearing.

I'll be amazed if the damper is making such noises.
In reality there isnt much inside that could do so.

Thanks for that Steve, and you've described it exactly how it is

I took the Tec out this morning to demonstrate the noise and within 250 yds he heard it and felt it through the floorpan

He then stuck the car up on the ramp and made the following observation, which was very apparent as he did show me:

'The n/s/f wheel (where the noise emanates from) does not hang as low as the offside.

Any comment on the above?