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Bumping this thread bc it has a great review and a TON of information on the Bilstein B16 - Ride Control kit...

I'm considering this kit bc I like the idea of easy push of a button to go from Normal mode to Sport mode for the handling. But also still have that comfortable side for the occasional DD I have to use my E92 335i for. Like the OP, my area also has a lot of bumps, potholes, speed bump, you name it lol.

Has anyone else purchased the Bilstein B16 R.C. Suspension setup? Looking for reviews or input on whether or not these are worth the $ or if there is something better...

You can pick these kits up for around 2k$ even. Not bad for what you're getting. Its a PSS10 coilover set with 2 damping settings pre-selected and switched electronically. So for example lets just say they picked level 3 out of the 10 damping settings for normal mode and say level 7-8 for sport mode. I like the electronic feature of this kit bc the car i had before my E92, has this feature from the factory and it was soo useful, i loved it.

Im looking for a suspension upgrade over the stock sport suspension to increase the handling. Im not too happy about the oe sport suspension. Hits hard on potholes and doesn't handle good enough for the comfort you sacrifice for it. So i want something that handles good and still rides good. Seems like this is the best of both worlds.

Now I'm not ruling out a conventional manual adjustable coilover/shock&strut setup. I wouldn't mind changing the sertings via the knob if they're easily accessible enough to do frequently.

So how about kits like:
Bilstein PSS10 - B16 kit with the normal damping control knobs?Ride quality? 1-10 adj.?
Bilstein PSS - hows the handling and ride comfort? No damping adjustment..
Koni Yellows w/ H&R or Eibach pro kit Springs - might be good enough for my needs?
Bilstein B12 kit- heard good things. No damping control or height adj.(not important rly).

And it was mentioned in a previous post.... Is it really true the Bilstein PSS kit is valved to the Sport Mode damping setting of the B16 R.C kit?

Doesn't KW make a DDC kit like this B16 R.C. kit?
-How is that in comparison to this? I feel like Bilstein is better quality... but not rly sure

Its a fun weekend car. But my area doesn't have great roads everywhere... So it can't be too stiff, but i do want a tight handling car. I have a stage 2 mhd flash, dp's, fmic going on, new Continental DWS06 tires, M3 control arms, upgraded bushings in some areas of rear suspension. LSD & Frt Sway Bar coming soon also. So the car has the power and has the right starting suspension mods, in my opinion, but now the weak link is the oem suspension.

Any other suggestions on suspension setups?
Appreciate 0