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Originally Posted by EvaBmw View Post
540 is not possible with a 6 cylinder car. 540 only came on 4 cylinder cars. 544 is cruise control with braking function. 541 is active cruise control.

A 330d only came with either 544 or 541. 541 is harder to install as it needs a front bumper mounted radar and the wiring.

You must have the correct SZL for your car. You can't swap arms.

According to ETK the SZL you need is the same for all 6 cylinder e91 cars.

These are the part numbers that will work on your car below, assuming it has, rain sensor and multi function steering wheel.
I search a bit about 544 (CC with braking) it seems to be just simple CC but it maintains speed limit uphill/downhill and when reducing speed with CC switch it will use brakes to slow down. So as I understand there is no additional install requirements because it does not need additional front bumper sensors as you said in 541.

Sorry no to mention this before , but my car has steering wheel with no multi functions (no buttons on it), and a rain sensor.

Could you also tell me where could I get this ETK program, seems that it is not web based. (Would like to have offline version)

By looking up online, it seems that 61319123051 should fit my car and it does support Rain Sensor + CC with brake function, but if understood this model correctly it seems, that this part support steering wheels with multi function control and without it, so it should work on my car?

So this also means, that I could retrofit (buttons) multifunction control on my steering wheel later?

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