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Originally Posted by Tomas321 View Post
#2 Attempt

Yesterday I fitted used SZL with 9 123 051 051-02 part number.

The part came with no Spring Coil, so I remove original one (from my car SZL with no cruise control) and put it on on the new part.

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After fitting, blinkers. high-beam and wipers worked instantly, but I had DSC ABS and Steering wheel Errors.

Firstly, I wanted to check if KOMBI option "TEMPOMAT_SETZ_ANZ_DAUER" is set to "wert_02", which it was, so I did not upload anything back to NSC Expert, I just closed it.

Next I went to NCS Expert Added VO $544 to FRM and CSM:
By going (Load Manipulation profile) -> F1 Start -> F3 Chassis -> E89 -> CAS -> F2 Add VO -> $544 (clicking Add) -> F6 then Going Back -> F4 Choose ECU -> CAS -> F2 Change job to Write_FA -> F3 running job.

After job ended I think my laptop turned off for some reason, not quite sure why.

So I turned it on again, NSC -> Manipulation -> F1 -> F3 -> E89 -> FRM this time -> F2 Edit VO -> $544 -> F6 -> F4 Choosing EDU -> FRM this time also -> F2 FA_Write -> F3 Running job.

Then I followed youtube guide on Z4 he said that you need to do following steps:
NSC-> F1 Start -> F3 Chassis -> Back -> Choose EDU -> ZDSC -> Job SG_CODIEREN -> F3 Execute job

So I just changed ZDSC to DSC, because mine did not have ZDSC option.

Then I opened ToolSet32 -> Selected DSC_87 -> "lenkwinkel_dsc_abgleichen".

After this I turned my car back on, it still had error, so I turned engine on and off, DSC and ABS errors where gone, but Steering wheel error was on. I have active steering, so I knew that I need to take a short trip. After few mins I had 0 lights on dash, but cruise control did not work.

I read up some threads that suggested to "let the car sleep on it", so I went home and waited for the next morning. Next day, about 15 hours later, I went on highway to test cruise control and it did nothing. I tried pulling and pushing cruise control arm in every way, but there was no speed control and no message on dashboard (After releasing gas pedal, speed would just go down). I connected my laptop to the car, to check if I had any errors.

Sadly I had

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FRM 9CD3 and 9CD2 seems to be something about side mirrors folding mechanism.I believe I had this error long ago this retrofit.

DSC D35B and 9520 were new.
Googling it I suppose these errors have this meaning (not 100% sure if these are correct ones):

D35B - DSC: No message(LDM 213) (System DSC)
9520 - MFL button pad, right (System SZL)

I suppose SZL errors show up on DSC, due to their connection.

And I also wanted to be 100% sure that I had that CC option set to KOMBI, so I went to NSC -> F1 Start -> F3 Chassis -> E89 -> F6 Back -> Choose ECU -> KOMBI -> JOB "SG_CODIEREN" -> F4 Read ECU -> And now I am getting error: SGVT-Fehler "COAPI-1000: Fehler".

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I tried looking it up, but all I found was similar guy like me stuck in this position
I am not quite sure what I did wrong, to get this error.
INPA always shows Cable ON and Ignition ON, so I assume that connection is ok, the only thing that I left, was the VO $540 from the previous attempt and that my laptop suddenly shut off.

I know I am asking a lot here, but I really don't know anyone locally that works on this kind of jobs. And of course I would like to learn as much as can on my own
I don't know for sure but I do know that once you change SZL you need to calibrate it with the DSC

Ista-d is handy for this. I'm told it can be tricky and might take a couple of goes. The SZL is under the DSC module in ista D
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