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Any plans on doing this? A new DIY guide for the intakes that is.
Originally Posted by iPodAddict View Post
I recently got mine and installed it as well.

However I will have to disagree with the "easy installation" part... the install document that comes with the intake has to be the worst documentation I have ever followed.

I could have made something with a lot less pages and pictures printed and STILL be far easier to follow.

Also the metal bracket you're supposed to support the stock power-steering pump line with as well as the intake pipe connection joint (with the rubber / vibration eliminator piece)... the stock screw/washer that is supposed to be on the left side (closest to the front of the car) would not have enough threads to catch on. I had to grind down that metal piece (L bracket part) that goes against the shock tower between the power steering pump line bracket.

Took me all in all about 2 hours to do it. If I was going to re-do it again, it would take probably 20 minutes now knowing what needs to be done to make things as smooth sailing as possible.