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OCDetailing: Roughed up Black S2000

Hey again everyone,

Had this beauty come in for a full paint detail this week. I never thought much of S2000 but after detailing her all I can say is that I want one. The car was dropped off with the assist of a white S2000 and a beauty she was.

Back to the cars condition. It was in bad shape. The previous owner definitely didn't look after her but the current one is by first bringing her to me .

I hope you enjoy the pictures and the commentary.

Meguars Gold Class
Sheep Skin Wash Mitts (Panels)
Microfiber Wash Mitt (Wheels)
Grit Guard
3 Buckets
Wheel Brush
EZ Brush
Stoners Tarminator
P21S Metal Polish

303 Fab Cleaner
303 Fabric Guard
Lint Tape

Riccardo Yellow
QID & H20

Paint Correction
2 x Makita PE 12-175
PC 7424
RB 3 inch BP
Sonus White
Sonus Blue
LCC Orange 4 inch
LCC White 4 inch
LCC Blue 4 inch
Menzerna PF
3M Ultrafina US

Defelsko PTG 6000
3M Sun Gun
Fenix Tk10
A bunch of spray bottles
Makita Air Compressor

Paint: Natty Blue
Wheels: PB's Wheel Wax
Tires: OPT



Alright so this is where is starts. Since this was my first S2000 I went on the side of caution and inquired about the paint and did some research. I found out with the help of Aaron (d00t) that the paint isn't that much fun as it's super soft. Thanks for the help Aaron. Ok so the clear is soft so the plan was to start with sonus blue with ultrafina. That did little cutting so I had to step it up to sonus white with ultrafina. That cut fairly well but it left micro marring and I used sonus blue with ultra to clear things up which it did at first. The next few shots are hood shots. One last thing to mention I noticed a gradual drop in PTG readings at the top of the hood compared to the bottom. The top had around 89-92 and by the bottom of the hood PTG readings were about 105 so I hit the top of the hood with the PC.

So moving onto the fender. I found that the combination of both white sonus and blue sonus with ultrafina was leaving marks so I had to resort to a LCC orange 4 inch and Menz PF followed up with blue sonus and ultrafina with porter cable to attack the fender. It turned out quite nicely but it just took a long time. The clear seems to have a life of it's own.

50/50 Halogens

50/50 Sun Gun

50/50 Sun Gun

50/50 Fenix

Fender Cleared up

50/50 Passenger Side Door.

50/50 PSD with Sun Gun

50/50 PSD close up with sun gun

Passenger side door cleared up.

Quarter Panel Cleared up

50/50 of Trunk

Cleared up

Trunk after polish

Below are a few shots after polishing before LSP

Sorry about the george constanza pose. I had a request for an encore.

Sorry about the shorts. I love them.


Sorry there were not outdoor shots. It was raining. The customer had to pick her up in the rain .

Time worked: 20 hours.

Thanks for looking.

Toronto, Ontario