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This is a 15 Minutes mod…
Tool needed: 1 Flat head screw driver, new H8 Bulb of your choice, and a small hand.

After searching through several posts done by other member… someone (sorry I forgot the Names)…
Hints that the E92 uses Angel lights as DRL. Since its DRL…. It uses regular light bulb as the angel light..
On your E92 Manual, in page: 118 will have illustration on how to remove those bulb.
Remove the cover….on top of the head light housing… you will find the bulb.. use your hand.. carefully reach down into the housing.. and turn the H8 bulb.. clock wise to remove them…. Simply swap out with the new bulb.. and reverse the instruction.
You must use H8 bulb and make sure they bulb you replace are 35watt and no more. H11 fits.. but H11 is a 55Watt bulb.. will cause that sensitive computer to throw error…
I used Ebay to search for the bulb… several companies makes H8 bulb.. I uses Mtec from ebay.

Personally I prefer PIaa.... but they don't currently have any H8 bulb..

I also done the same for my Fog Light... to change to the same color.. so.. total H8 bulb purchase is 2 set (4 bulb total).. I will take a pic of the fog tomorrow night.. its too damn cold now.. (32 degree outside)
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