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The machining off of the old part runs to about 500.

Diffs are not rocket science, and most rally/race shops should find it a breeze.
But, Birds have this down to an art form as they do a lot of them.
My bill ran to about 2k for diff, rear ARB install and M3 subframe bush supply and fit all at the same time.

The bushes are SERIOUSLY worth doing whilst the subframe is dropped, it will save about 150 or more in labour and make a big difference on a tuned car.

Ditto the ARB - twat of a job on a good day - and the best mod of the lot if you like a better balanced car.

The new diff provides great traction but it just makes the car push/understeer more as a result.
Tweaking the rear roll stiffness with a big rear bar makes it 100% more fun, very neutral, and drifting a little to tighten the line on track is easier.