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I need to burn some fat cause im overweight, my belly is to big and the when i bend over it looks like i have boobs

Do you guys have any goos specyfic to burn fat + some excercise that i can do at home ( dont have much time to go to gym ), i was at Ducan Diet loose about 16pounds but still have about 25 to loose;/
Any exercise will do. Obviously, the more intense the exercise, the faster it will burn calories.
The key is... how much commitment and will power do you have?
You must exercise long enough to use up all the blood sugars available before your body will tap into fat.
Intensive cardio exercises, like jogging or biking, burn the most fat. But you have to do it long enough, like jog for 2 or 3 miles or bike for 1 hour each time.
If you eat 2000 cal/day, we're talking about exercising enough to burn more than 2000 cal.
No short cut here. There are exercise programs that claim 15 mins/day will make you lose fat.
Sure, 15 min is better than 10, which is better than nothing. But you gain that back the minute you drink one beer.