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Originally Posted by escobar929 View Post
not sure if anyone saw but Firas Zahabi said the other day, that GSP is more interested in moving down to 155 rather than 185. Saying the only reason why he hasnt yet, is because he is the champ and because Edgar is the 155 champ and they are friends

I would love to see GSP at 155, its such a stacked division and to add him to that mix would be insane. Its pretty much settled that we'll never see GSP v Silva, so this sounds like a pretty good idea to me
Ya, but can he cut that much weight? Doesn't he walk around at like 190 or so?

At fight time, he's so lean as it is, I would think he'd have to lose a lot of muscle mass to get that low. But hell, wtf do I know lol?

Plus, I wonder if he could keep up with the pace the smaller guys fight at? Would be interesting though