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Originally Posted by Quisp View Post
Has anyone determined that a "new" fuel pump is being put in the cars rather than a reman or the same pump part numbers as before? If it is the same part as before then I would start wondering why does it seem to work better now than it did before? Was anything else done with the car when it had the pump replaced becaue if you put the same part #(or variant thereof) back in the car as the one you took out then it would stand to reason that the same thing should happen, unless something else was changed as well.
Anyone notice anything different about the driving characteristics of thier car after the work when compared to before? Changes in how the car accelerates, or runs at WOT, or how the turbos seem to kick in. Gas mileage changed?
I don't think we know that the reman pumps are working any better. Didn't BMW replace like 1/3 of all pumps in 2007-2010 models in the past year? Those pumps aren't likely to fail immediately.