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Sounds like a cover up, i work for a lot of dealers in the past and when there's problems like many have experience here for example same part number or reman parts and plenty of excuses.
No fuel pumps last forever, it seems that your all experiencing problems at wide open throttle to me sounds like fuel starvation (fuel cut) besides fuel pump getting weak. will be a number of things
fuel relay and DME (disrupts a signal to the pump)
TPS, MAP, MAF are load sensors if there are faults (it will not calculate or send proper signals to the DME to meter preset amounts of fuel to your engine.
Injectors, fuel lines, and DME can cause miss firing
injectors clogged or faulty (miss fire) not enough fuel delivery to the engine
fuel lines clogged will cause miss fire due to insufficient fuel supply
DME Not communicating sending or receiving proper signals will cause miss firing.
in my experience if your cars not having any problem don't bring it for the recall, leave it alone. you are one of the few lucky ones that do not have issues it might just stay that way and you will be the happiest guy.