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BMW admitted to turbo lag from new HPFP software

Originally Posted by Quisp View Post
Anyone notice anything different about the driving characteristics of thier car after the work when compared to before? Changes in how the car accelerates, or runs at WOT, or how the turbos seem to kick in. Gas mileage changed?
My 2007 335i Coupe definitely has more turbo lag since the HPFP was replaced earlier this year. Gas mileage seems about the same.

I just got a notice in the mail about the class action suit. It doesn't appear to help anyone except those who spent their own $ to fix HPFP and of course the lawyers.

Does anyone know more about the 2010 story at:

I've copied part of the post below. What can I do to improve the turbo lag that I have had since the HPFP was replaced?

[It's worth noting that while BMW acknowledges problems with the N54's fuel pump and is offering affected owners an extended emissions warranty, the additional coverage does not appear to extend to other areas of the engine. In regards to the turbocharger, BMW spokesman Matthew Russell says that:

The turbo complaint is much less widespread and we have had a service bulletin in place since 2007 to address it. In an effort to address specific noise concerns, BMW updated the turbocharged engine software on 335i/xi and 535i/xi models built from June 2006 through March 2008. The updated software causes a small amount of increased "turbocharger lag" under certain circumstances and, while not substantial, the lag may be perceptible to the most sensitive BMW drivers. X6, 135i, and 3 Series/5 Series vehicles from March 2008 production onward are not affected."]