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Originally Posted by Clap135 View Post
Keep in mind that there is only so much fuel available. Running map 7 will nto produce numbers where you will be running out of fuel. I have personally made a fpred turbo request so much fuel that the fuel pressure was not able to keep up. You will soon run into this problem. Good luck and keep it safe, I hope you have a way to accuratly log direct fuel pressure, not meaningless numbers. If you're wondering this was the AMS car
I do have a way log fuel pressure accurately and have been doing so. When I put down 487 rwhp on the Mustang Dyno (or 526 Dynojet equivelant), I logged a FP of about 760-780. I still haven't got to the point even with nitrous that the car cannot hit the target A/F ratio. I am not implying map 7 will tax the fuel system, but nitrous and 16 psi of boost eventually will. I felt it was a necessary precaution to rich up peak torque A/F from 14.0:1 up to 12.5:1 before pushing forward. Now that I have done that I will lean out the upper rpms to about 11.2-11.5:1 and move forward.

On top of this, I will be making some turbo changes that should really help me to put down some nice numbers.