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Originally Posted by Former_Boosted_IS View Post
Does anyone know what the stock fueling resistors are on the Procede? If they are around 5k ohm, then that limits how much you can bias the O2 sensors. That limits how much additional fuel you can request period. Up top is not where the issue lies because the 5k ohm resistors can more than bias the O2 sensors enough to get a safe 12.0 - 12.5:1 AFR, but at around 4k rpms where the car is at peak torque you are heavily limited with 5k ohm resistors. I suspect you are running near 14.0:1 at peak torque and I am not even remotely comfortable with that to be honest. Next, which sensor you log should have no effect on the ability of the tune to add fuel, but the fueling resistor does.

Honestly, I have never said a negative thing about Shiv or the Procede and never will. He seems to have a great product and a fantastic customer base. Like everyone else on the forums I considered both tunes and found the JB3 to meet my personal needs best. Terry has been absolutely incredibly flexible in working with me to adapt his tune to meet my needs. He emails me with 10 minutes of sending him an email whether it is during the week or on the weekend. I just feel like he has earned my business and I am lucky to have him as my tuner. Like every single product I review, this is just my opinion and I have never pushed it on anyone.
Cool...I was just curious! As for the fueling and the resistors, Shiv will have to answer that question, but like you I have full confidence in the tune and what he suggests, so with that I will have to wait to see how he responds!

BTW...I just ordered the purge kit and the bottle heater, and will be completing the hardware part of the install!! I found a nice location for my single tube purge....right smack in the middle of the cabin filter! Thanks again for you DIY, it made it really easy to refer back to and give me the confidence to do it myself!