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Originally Posted by Former_Boosted_IS View Post
I do have a way log fuel pressure accurately and have been doing so. When I put down 487 rwhp on the Mustang Dyno (or 526 Dynojet equivelant), I logged a FP of about 760-780. I still haven't got to the point even with nitrous that the car cannot hit the target A/F ratio. I am not implying map 7 will tax the fuel system, but nitrous and 16 psi of boost eventually will. I felt it was a necessary precaution to rich up peak torque A/F from 14.0:1 up to 12.5:1 before pushing forward. Now that I have done that I will lean out the upper rpms to about 11.2-11.5:1 and move forward.

On top of this, I will be making some turbo changes that should really help me to put down some nice numbers.
760-780psi? that CANNOT be correct. What are you using to log fuel pressure? You should over 3k down low dropping to 1800 or so up top. What you are logging might be what the piggy feeds the ecu. (false signal)