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Originally Posted by dragon20 View Post
Hi Guys, has any body installed a BMW PE for 325i?

As far as I can tell it doesn't exist for the Aus version N52?

If anybody has purchased this and has a BMW part numbers Let me know.

If not has any body else installed soothing else on their 325i E90?

Hey guys, I've been meaning to post my experience about this mod for a while but never got round to it so now that someone has asked I'll fill you in. I've got an 07 323i and was never happy with the lack of exhaust sound so I went researching around June this year. I found that BMW make a PE for the 323i/325i/330i with the N52 engine however when I asked a number of Australian dealers about it they said they do not stock them in Australia as they apparently haven't passed our ADR. I found a PDF somewhere on these forums that was the official release documentation for the entire BMW Performance range of upgrades. It included all the marketing blurb from BMW and also had a complete compatibility listing of all the components. I think I still have it downloaded somewhere so will go looking later tonight.

The part 1810 0443580 is listed in this document as specifically compatible with the 323/325 and 330i ECE versions of the E90, E91, E92 and E93. The ECE bit means European/Australian as opposed to the 1810 0443581 which is listed for US versions.

I decided to bite the bullet and purchased one from BMWminiparts for 586 pounds delivered. At the time, about $1000AUD I think.

This part is only the rear silencer/muffler box and a clamp. This part is NOT bolt on and does require a cut to the exhaust. I took it to my mechanic who I have been using for years who has a number of ExBMW mechanics who looked after it for me. Fitting cost was about $150 as it really isn't much work. I should mention that the diametre of the exhaust pipe leading into the old muffler and new one was exactly the same so it was basically just a cut and clamp job. The exhaust tips are slighly longer and slightly larger in diameter that the originals but fill the space well and look great I reckon.

Whilst I ordered it it in June, I only got it fitted in November when the car ran out of BMW warranty. I didn't want to give any dealer an excuse not to fix something when I got my end of warranty service done. Whilst it is a BMW part, it is not technically 'authorised' for australian cars. Just something to keep in mind depending how old your car is.

My thoughts.... I wasn't doing this upgrade for more power, I just wanted a little more aural zing from the exhaust tips. BMW claim you get something like a 3hp gain which is basically negligible and I can't even tell to be honest. I've always felt the 323i/325i lacked low down power anyway (previous car was a V8 SS) so can't say I've noticed any real detriment there either.

What you do get though is the most fantastic improvement in sound!! Even from the start of the engine, you know there is something more there. It's fairly sedate up to about 2500-3000RPM which means no drone on long distance driving however above 3000 its awesome. Find me a tunnel!

I've also done the BMW Performance Intake which is also supposed to give you a slight intake gain there also.

I highly recommend both upgrades! Simply love them!

Shame your in Melbourne otherwise would be happy to meet. Let me know if you want to know anything else.