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New to me BMW

Hi, just wanted to introduce myself. Got my first ever BMW today, and couldn't be happier . She's a 2006 325I in Monaco blue. It has the sport, cold weather, and, premium packages. I was disappointed it didn't have HID's or the halo/angel eyes. My previous cars where Mustang's and most recently a 96 Maxima, so going from those to this is pure heaven.
I was so not used to these kind of cars that, that when they said my car was ready, I get in put the remote in push the button and couldn't start the car. WTF I thought to my self, come to think of it every time I test drove one the sales guy started it first. Ok I thought how hard could this be. I tried holding it down, still no, taped it quick still no. Tried pushing the gas, nope. Finally after siting their for what seamed like for ever defeated I went over to an employee washing car's and I said, "Hey I'm going to sound retarded but I've never owned one of these how do I start it?". Employee, "Did you hold the brake down?". Homer Simpson moment