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Originally Posted by AWD Addict View Post

Please, stop providing "advice" to people here, lest they may actually think you know WTF you're talking about. Particularly the part where you imply that understeer is less safe than oversteer in a situation where traction is lost.

You also clearly haven't the slightest idea how power transfer in an AWD vehicle (in particular XDrive) operates. Do some reading, and save yourself further public embarrassment, like where you just told someone 1 wheel of action in a slip condition is better than 4, just because it has a snow tire on it.

yikes. You're the reason the internet is a dangerous place to find advice.
When did I say Oversteer was better?

Dude you are a complete moron. I said you lose steering traction by driving the front wheels.

AWD is not a safety thing. Get over it. I love your name though. AWD lets you get going - that's it. Doesn't help you turn, doesn't help you stop.