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Originally Posted by jmonier
Ask for the production number (although this salesman is so clueless that he probably won't know what that is). Once you have that you can go to the Owner's Circle and find out the status. If it's started production (in Germany) it's very roughly 2 weeks (sometimes longer if there's no shipping ******* until it gets on a ship in Bremerhaven. (However, a 325i might be made in South Africa which adds a lot more time.)

For West Coast deliveries it's about 30 days on the ship from Bremerhaven to Port Hueneme. Then roughly a week (maybe a little less) to go through the VPC and be delivered to the dealer.

But, wait a second. Production on the 328 and 335 sedans was supposed to start 9/1. This means that the last 325 would have been built at least a month ago. I think that you need to get a straight story from this salesman. Maybe he's getting the car from another dealer?

But the car I ordered was already bulided since it was the last production of the 325i discontinued