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Originally Posted by Victor.L3IchibanM3
Thats what the salesman said he said like " It should be here by the end of this month" which was last month and I call again today and he was like " It should be here by next week"
heh, Victor, with 135+ posts to your name, you should know better. There is no way you are going to order a car from Germany and it will be here in 7-10 days. What a huge red flag. If I heard a salesman tell me that, I would run away fast! The sales rep is truly clueless and just saying whatever it takes to get a sale. Im worried to hear what else he may have told you that you believed.

On the plus side, you will get your car, but 4-8 weeks is the normal range. I think 6-8 is closer to the norm, although it seems some can get them in 4. I have another dealer who is telling me 14-16 weeks till I would get my car! Either he presold all his allocations, or for the deal he is making me, he wont put my order in for 2 more months so it will match up with the discounts they will be giving in a couple months, not what they typically do these days.