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I had boost turned down to the minimum on map1, which was 10% initial boost, 11psi max, 100% ign.

The peak boost may be near-stock (10.5psi), but the power delivery and throttle response of the PROcede is still there.

Without the PROcede, it took a lil more finesse applying gradual power out of turns, because our cars have so much low end torque. It's hard to gauge what throttle position will give you the power you need. Instead, you just stay gentle and easy, then add power only after you've tracked out and completed your turn. Sure, you can mash your pedal and let the traction nannies do their work, but then you're not really learning the limits of your car. Hmm, I suppose if it's your first time on track, these fine points don't really matter yet.

But with the PROcede, you have predictable power, and know boost is directly proportional to your throttle position. So coming out of turns, you can control how much power to apply based on your traction. It helps w/ your exit speeds as you pickup more track experience.

Btw, if you somehow get limp modes on track, try resetting all adaptations. It worked for me, and I haven't had any limps for the last 3 track days. One of the great advantages of having a PROcede

Originally Posted by Doug007 View Post
Were you running map 0 or just had boost turned down to the minimum?

I don't quite understand how the procede gave you smooth power if you were running stock boost...

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