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Grats on your first track event! Sounds like you had a ton of fun.

If you search for my track related threads in the various subforums, I think you'll enjoy the read on how I progressed from a beginner to intermediate these past 2-3 years. You may find my modding strategy valuable, as my motto has always been one mod at a time, followed by 1+ track days to experience the changes. This really allowed me to fully understand and appreciate the impact of each mod.

If I were to do it again, I'd choose:
1) LSD
2) Cooling: FMIC, Oil Cooler, Radiator
3) Coilovers
4) Brakes (aftermarket OEM replacements, or BBKs)
5) M3 bits (huge improvement, reduces understeer significantly...plan your coilovers w/ this in mind!)
5) Power (your PROcede w/ DCI is good enuf!)
6) Other - e.g. Swaybars. Still undecided on this one. With my current setup, body roll and chassis stiffness isn't yet an issue for my skill level, so I don't feel the need yet.

Many of the experts on here will say for most cars W/O heat issues, Brakes is #1. But maybe they forgot what it was like to be a beginner, since they can drive ANY car well. However, for us, you will notice after a few track days that the body roll will become a limiting factor, because it robs you of confidence. Despite your best efforts at being smooth, you're just getting faster and faster. At that point, I recommend you get coilovers. I put LSD first cuz it's such a great mod for everyday's not limited to track, and is really a no brainer if you drive aggressively on the street (talk about improved tire and brake pad wear!).

But that's a few track events away yet. I'm sure I mentioned it before, but there's no rush to get coilovers, since your decision may change as you become more experienced. While it will certainly help in the short-term, if you just go w/ PSS10s w/o swapping in higher linear spring rates, there may be a little regret as you become more experienced.

Lastly, don't worry about overheating yet. If you're at that point where your car is in danger of overheating, you should back off and try to focus on being smoother. I am 100% positive you will be faster while being less aggressive on the power. I'm sure you saw your oil temps get high this past weekend (normal), but you probably didn't overheat.

Good luck!

Originally Posted by Doug007 View Post
Off was definitely the right option this weekend.

While more power was fun, it was definitely not needed.

And yes, 300hp is more than enough for the stock suspension (regardless of skill level). Getting that to the ground in the corners with an open diff was hard enough!

Tracking the car has definitely rearranged my modification strategy. More power has lost out to handling and traction. An LSD is definitely up there as well as Bilstein PSS10s and better tires. The brakes worked well but a track pad would have been much better.

These forums are so power hungry but few track their cars (besides 1/4 mile, 60-130 which is totally different). I'll wait until my warranty/service runs out, but I see some $$ being spent on suspension when that happens.

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