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Thumbs down Half an E91 Tool Kit!

As the saying goes:
Q: "What's worse than finding a worm in your apple...?"
A: "HALF a worm!"

So I recently collected my 2008 E91 (CPO) from the BMW dealership and spent several hours reading the OM, at which point I discover this car has a toolkit. "Cool," I think and go looking for it.

Sadly, I discover I don't have a toolkit..
I have HALF a toolkit!! There isn't even a TOW HOOK!!
I would have thought that would be a legislated requirement to sell a car, especially a BMW CPO one - if you can't tow it properly or safely, that seems like a liability to me, no? Like having a spare tire (or runflats in this case).

Anyway - I brought it to their attention, and they are DEBATING on what to do!! Disappointed. I would have expected that should be an "OMG MR. NEW CPO OWNER, we are very sorry for our oversight, and will send you a new toolkit (which will cost us next to nothing) immediately."

Still waiting to hear what they decide.

And before I get pounded for not checking - I didn't expect to need to re-CPO the car myself on delivery... I looked for scratches and two keys, and drove off happy. Until now.
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