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Originally Posted by BRAISKI View Post
I was really thinking of doing mine this year but I have decided to do it next year. I will see what I can do this year such as how many times I will wash the car especially the under carriage.

I called my local Krown and ask if they will still do the rust proofing without boring holes, they said they still will but they still suggest to put some holes to access certain areas.

So no need to go to a car wash to get your under carriage wash then... So next year when you go back for another rust proofing they will wash the salt with foam? Or you will go after winter?

When they said "access some areas" I asked them to clarify. It's the inside of the doors. And in my experience with rust, once you put a hole in metal, it'll be the first place to rust - not only do you lose the coating protection, it creates a stress point which actually make it easier to rust.

And I won't wash my under carriage until the spring. I just don't want any stagnant water or dirt that's trapped under the Krown coating now to stay there for too long. I'll have them wash the salt off with foam again once I get my yearly application of Krown in August. There won't be any way that I'll get it all off washing it on my own anyway.