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Originally Posted by e92man View Post
if they updated it then that could mean that they are lying. i met someone form germany that drove an m3 csl and said it wasnt really any faster than the normal m3. and i dont think that it is as much lighter than the e46 m3 as we think it it
This is off topic but,
The M3 CSL was made for the track and that person is smoking crack if he thought the CSL is not faster. On Nurburing there is a 40+ sec difference between the two M3's which is HUGE. Of course on smaller tracks the difference will diminish.

Track / M3 / M3 CSL
Top Gear Track 1:31.8 / 1:28.0
Nordschleife 8:22 / 7:50
Tsukuba 1:07.11 / 1:06.88
Anglesey 52.8 / 50.8
Hockenheim Shorttrack 1:16.3 / 1:13.5
Vairano Handling Course 1:23.190 / 1:20.488
Oschersleben 1:50.00 / 1:46.60
Motovision handling course 19.79 / 18.94