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Low Oil Temp---Any ideas?

hey guys,

I've noticed something strange going on with my e93 the last several months. for the first 3 years i had this car, the oil temp gauge would always get to "operating temp" within a few minutes, get to between 240-250 (usually 245) and just stay there. about a year ago, I noticed that the oil temp gauge started taking FOREVER to move at all, and when it did, after 15-20 minutes or so, it would be around 180-190F range. Soon after that, i got a limp mode under load, and eventually found out to be an engine coil, which was replaced. Problem solved. I parked the car over the last winter, and in the spring after starting to drive it again, same issue. Oil temp not reaching the operating temp as it did for the first few years. Over the summer, I got another limp mode under load, which disappeared after I shut the car off and on. I took it to the dealer, they ran tonnes of diagnostics, including the HPFP, and they can't find anything, and they just told me "The oil cooler is working super-efficiently". What the hell kind of explanation is that? I know there's something wrong with my car, but I don't know exactly what. Performance seems to be fine, and I even did a carbon blast to ensure the injectors are clean......

Any ideas?

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