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Originally Posted by bigaltech View Post
+1 on the saab part - too much money would have to go into that thing to get that much power and even then, it wouldn't run reliably, almost any motor you double-triple the HP would do that..

As far as the Evo goes I'm going to have to disagree about the 15K (although I'm sure you were just throwing out random numbers) I have a friend and although he does all his own tuning (which saves a bunch of cash for more mods) he made 460 whp on stock turbo, ebay intercooler, meth, ebay dp, intake, and spent around $2K on mods or less.. lol.. had they still made the evo8 body style, I may have one also.. you can't come close to the power that car makes with such little money on mods, except maybe a bolt on cobra...

evos can handle 500+ hp on stock internals.