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OHYEAH.JPG (my bluetooth works now)

FINALLY got my E90 bluetooth coding to work! (I haven't done the retrofit, wanted to make sure I could code it before I spent money on the hardware)

Backstory: I have a late 2009-produced 328i. It HAS SA6FL (USB) and Professional Radio (2URAD) but NOT bluetooth, voice, or BMW Assist.

For a month I've been trying to code the thing. Nothing I tried worked. I added $644 to the VO easily enough (see Changing the Vehicle Order, attached), but nothing I tried could get the radio to respond to the updated VO.

Yesterday I tried downloading Revtor's profile for ncsexpert and "coding the whole car", but that didn't work either. Finally, I realized there's an "SG_RESET" job which I could do for the 2URAD module successfully, but it wouldn't take even being reset (which did complete successfully).

So finally, today, I realized that a bunch of people talked about "coding with a blank .man." Here's what I did.

1. Open NCS Expert.
2. File>load revtor's profile
3. F1, then F3, then E89, OK, CAS, OK (as usual)
4. Back
5. At this point, open FSW_PSW.trc, clear it, then save as FSW_PSW.MAN
6. Process Car
7. Other functions (F5, I think? At this point I'm going from memory, but I don't want to re-flash the car)
8. Load from FswPsw (as usual)
9. Process car (again).
Here, I got an error on the 2MULF (as you normally would trying to SG_CODIEREN it). I lost hope. But in desperation:
10. Change job to SG_RESET
11. Process Car. This now resets all modules one by one.
At this point, the radio restarted and I realized there was a TEL option in the menu. YIPPIEEEEEEEEEE!

I was able to pair my phone by putting it in the trunk in the back right corner right next to the MULF. Without an antenna, the BT signal propagates only a couple feet. I had to run back and forth from the dash to the phone to go through the pairing menus and whatnot, but in the end it succeeded.

I was able to place a call to the phone and answer in the car, though obviously I couldn't hear anything coming from the car/phone end since there's no mic attached at the moment.

I buy clock radio, he cannot AFFORD clock radio. Gret Success!

Now, to redo all the coding I previously did.


Edit: Just finished gjimmy's car. Ended up doing the same process - initially, coding the CIC (idrive) with a blank .man file (revtor profile) brought up the 'telephone' option, but clicking it just got us 'please wait' indefinitely. Coding the whole car with a blank .man (revtor) didn't do much (I don't think) but doing a SG_RESET on the whole car caused a nice big light show as everything reset, and the iDrive came back up ready to play ball.
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