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Originally Posted by alexwhittemore View Post

Since that's a review thread it's probably cleaner and easier to answer here. It looks like you've got a problem with your daten files, either they're incorrect, out of date, your perhaps you simply selected the wrong chassis code when you first opened ncsexpert. Anyway, search around for how to update to v47 daten. You can probably find the files on the internet somewhere.
Yes it was a DATEN file update issue. I fixed this by updating to the latest version and now I can read / write.

I was able to edit manually the file but a simple reset with the proper VO on CAS and FRM doesn't do the job. I manually added the BT but could not found the code for the USB. So I tried to change the build date, not writing it to CAR but writing the 2URAD. Now I lost BT but get the USB. I can compare the 2 .MAN file to get both function but I would prefer to do it the proper way with the VO only. Also, I never got the Voice Command again...I'm maybe miss a VO.

Anybody has a FSW_PSW.MAN from a fully working 2URAD to share?